Kappa Alpha

at Kennesaw State University

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear Potential Sisters,


On behalf of my sisters in the Kappa Alpha Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, hello! We cannot wait to get to know you this Fall, and share with you our organization and the principles we stand for. Recruitment is an exciting time in which we get to expand ourselves as individuals as well as our chapter, and we could not be more thrilled to have you all take part in the experience. 


Here at Kennesaw State University, my sisters and I are constantly looking for women who’s values align with our Chapter’s philosophy and goals. These women have courage and are fearless. They are kind and compassionate in their endeavors, as well as humble in their successes. We are looking for women who bring their strengths and assets to our Chapter, as well as women who are receptive to all that Alpha Xi Delta can teach you. 


Alpha Xi Delta has a multitude of opportunities to expand women’s involvement on the Kennesaw Campus. With a multitude of philanthropic ties as well as leadership opportunities, Alpha Xi Delta strives to help members realize their truest potential. We believe in doing all we can to ensure women have a quality college experience, while carrying our principles everywhere they go.


My sisters and I are so eager to meet you! We believe that you are all phenomenal women, and cannot wait to talk with you all this Fall! 


With All Xi Love, 

Ally Maciel 

Membership Vice President