Kappa Alpha

at Kennesaw State University

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear Potential Sisters,

A huge hello from the Kappa Alpha Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta! It would be an understatement to say that our sisters are just looking forwards to meeting and getting to know you all; we absolutely cannot wait and are truly excited to have you all learn about our organization. Recruitment is a time of growth for both Potential New Members and Sisters, and we are ready to share that experience with each of you.

Our chapter here at Kennesaw State University look for women that we believe embody what it means to be an Alpha Xi Delta. Women who are courageous and kind, women who are bold and hard-working, women who are humble and fearless and most of all, women who are ready to realize their potential. Alpha Xi Delta strives for each individual sister to not only incorporate our values in their day to day lives, but to take what they have learned from our organization and spread our values throughout the community.  Sisters and Alumnae alike are the faces of our chapter, and we hope that you all will be able to be a part of that with us.

Alpha Xi Delta has numerous community service and leadership opportunities for our members, as well as philanthropic opportunities, member scholarships, major/career networking and much more! Along with the overflowing handful of resources that our members get to have, you also get an “ama-Xi-ing” group of life-long sisters.  Sisters that will become your best friends, your roommates, your Bigs and Littles and your forever family and home. There is an unending amount of possibilities that can be found here at the Kappa Alpha Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. You never know what fun adventure will be right around the corner, but knowing that you get to experience your college career with a diverse group of women that share the same values and ideals as you do is something you will always cherish.

The traditions that we have shared for 127 years at Alpha Xi Delta can become yours; a sisterhood that never ends. Our organization does not end when you graduate, there are alumnae associations and more for sisters to stay involved. Travel and work opportunities open, and a life-long bond stays with you as you wear our letters.

My sisters and I here at the Kappa Alpha Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta cannot wait to meet each of you and introduce you all to our delightful organization! See you in August!


Kayli Rice

Membership Vice President