Kappa Alpha

at Kennesaw State University

Chapter Officers

Ashley Francis

Chapter President

<b>Major </b>: Human services <b>Year </b>: Junior <b>Pledge Class </b>: Spring 2019 <b>Favorite AXiD Memory </b>: Getting the call from my big that I was given the honor to lead our chapter as president <b>Advice for Potential New Members </b>: Get as involved as you can! You will be so surprised how quickly the 4 years go, go to as much as you can and have so much fun.

Madison Hamlin

Chapter Life Vice President

<b>Major </b>: Biology <b>Year </b>: Junior <b>Pledge Class </b>: Fall 2019 <b>Favorite AXiD Memory </b>: Tricking my little into thinking she didn't get me as a big <b>Advice for Potential New Members </b>: Be yourself and remember to always have fun!

Shay Mathis

Financial and Operations Vice President

<b>Major </b>: Chemistry <b>Year </b>: Junior <b>Pledge Class </b>: Fall 2019 <b>Favorite AXiD Memory </b>: Getting my little <b>Advice for Potential New Members </b>: Keep an open mind! The recruitment process can be so stressful, but keeping an open mind will ensure that you end up where you're meant to be.

Caitlin Lemieux

Membership Vice President

<b>Major </b>: Early childhood education <b>Year </b>: Junior <b>Pledge Class </b>: Spring 2019 <b>Favorite AXiD Memory </b>: My twin and I becoming President and Membership Vice President! <b>Advice for Potential New Members </b>: Make the most out of your college experience while still remaining your authentic self. People will always love you as you are.

Abigail Leibowitz

Member Development Vice President

<b>Major </b>: Business Management <b>Year </b>: Junior <b>Pledge Class </b>: Fall 2018 <b>Favorite AXiD Memory </b>: Getting to watch my twins, Erica and Brynn take their own littles. Being able to help them prepare a theme, their baskets and get ready to take their own littles reminds me of how excited I was to add them to the family! Each and every time we add a new family member we our building a legacy within our chapter and I think that is beautiful! I love them both and all of my grand littles with my whole heart and love being able to watch them grow in our chapter and beyond! <b>Advice for Potential New Members </b>: Find the place you feel most comfortable in your own skin. Find the chapter that best suits your values and interests as a woman and college student.

Molly O'Shaugnessy

Panhellenic Delegate

<b>Major </b>: Finance <b>Year </b>: Junior <b>Pledge Class </b>: Fall 2019 <b>Favorite AXiD Memory </b>: When I got my amazing little and grew the royal family <b>Advice for Potential New Members </b>: Trust your gut and go where you feel the most comfortable with yourself. The recruitment process can be intimidating, but this is your time to shine!

Shea Farnan

Communications Vice President

<b>Major </b>: Marketing <b>Year </b>: Junior <b>Pledge Class </b>: Fall 2018 <b>Favorite AXiD Memory </b>: Our spring 2019 formal at the Fox Theater <b>Advice for Potential New Members </b>: Put yourself out there and get involved! Go to all the events and take a position also! You will learn so much about yourself in taking a leadership role. College flies by so fast so soak up every minute of it!

Lydia Alverson

Philanthropy Vice President

<b>Major </b>: Digital Animation <b>Year </b>: Senior <b>Pledge Class </b>: Fall 2018 <b>Favorite AXiD Memory </b>: Either my first time volunteering for the Autism Speaks Atlanta Walk and getting to see all the families or playing ships and sailors at my New Member retreat and having to work together with women I didn't know at first but are now my sisters. <b>Advice for Potential New Members </b>: Everything happens for a reason. Never stop being yourself. The right ones will love you and accept you for who you truly are.